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Prior to owning our Inn, we enjoyed traveling in North America.  Our love for adventure has taken us to the Yukon and over 25 National Parks from Alaska to Maine.  During our journey, we experienced numerous exhilarating hikes in the many National Parks.  During our stay in Alaska, Grant enjoyed King Salmon and Halibut fishing while I experienced the thrill of riding in a floatplane to Katmai National Preserve, where I photographed some of the largest Brown Bears in the world with a renowned National Geographic bear guide.

We have a passion for exploring an area to the fullest and getting to know places off the beaten path - the less-traveled hike, photographic spot, historical site, small gallery, off the main dining, that special jewel that makes the day unique.  That is why we focus our services in the region where we now live and explore to service you and your guests to the fullest.

Our travel photos

Our Wildlife Photos

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